The International Hustlers

The International Hustlers are an acoustic band based out of San Diego, California and lead by guitarist Chris Lougeay.  Driven my solid drum and bass grooves, the live music has catchy melodies and interesting harmonies. Connoisseurs of the soul jazz/ funk genre will recognize the influences of guitarist Grant Green, saxophonist and singer Fela Kuti, and Ohio saxophone legend Rusty Byrant to name but a few. A throwback to great Jazz/Funk artists of 60’s and 70’s, the music still sounds as good today as it did then.

The International Hustlers in Studio B at Radio Bandiego.

The International Hustlers in Studio B at Radio Bandiego. April 2015

Music is fluid.  It constantly changes as the environment and culture around those who create it change.   The International Hustlers band members put their own modern spins on the trusty grooves too.  Allow us to reintroduceyour ears to new and unique sound.

James Edward 'Tommy' Thomas.

Tommy Thomas, The Orignal International Hustler.

Early in Chris’ career he toured periodically in the US Federal Correction system with the organist James ‘Tommy’ Thomas.  Centered in Ohio, The International Hustlers was name of the core group of musicians that propelled the acts of the STAA Revue.  Tommy took Chris under his wing and taught him the finer points of road tours. Tommy was a very colorful individual indeed, who always had a quick burst of profanity riddled humor.  Originally from Harlem, New York City, Tommy was already into 80’s while leading The Hustlers.  He had been blind since the age of 8 when calcium deposits severed his optic nerves.   A phenomenal musician in his own right, Tommy was a master of the groove jazz organ sound, and tone.

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