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Radio BanDiego lights up San Diego music.

The International Hustlers have been invited to Miramar California to perform live on Radio BanDeigo.  San Deigo music personality Florentino Buenaventura is the host of the online radio show.  He is a man of many hats.  he plays bass in his own band, as well as being a charted music producer and busy booking agent. I got the chance to talk to Florentino about his band, booking and Radio BanDiego.

Radio Bandiego

Radio Bandiego. Your bands revealed.

Florentino Buenaventura Interview

 Your band, Curbside Vinyl, what’s going on with you guys?

We’re playing every Thursday night at Atomic. Our lead singer is getting more experienced in front of the crowd and our material is really tight now.  We go in, knock it out and leave!  

How many sets do you guys play on Thursday nights?

One set right now.  Its a great place to get out and get a drink. Atomic is great for that.

Are you booking anywhere else now, other than Atomic?

Yeah, I’m booking the Hart Lounge now too. We’re really growing our audience.  It’s a cool joint. Very artsy. The ownership has given us carte blanche. They are laid back and they give us a lot of room to let do whatever we feel like doing.

Tell me about Radio BanDiego.

Yeah! Trying to stay busy. We got a bunch of new radio programs going up. A lot of notable players.  We even have John Stork, the famous studio designer coming on. We got a bunch of radio programs with him coming up.


Yeah, were helping bands get their names out.  We video the whole thing as well.  Oh, I got George Benson’s guitarist coming down as well.

Wait, George Benson has a guitar player with him?

He does sir!  He also plays for Freddie Lavell. His name is Michael Neal.  He’s been a player for a long while.  I was talking to him just the other day and he me told he was coming down for a show. 

So you get a lot of out of town acts?

We have a lot of local, but we get out of town acts too.

What is Changing the Stage?

That’s my current show. That talks to people in the business and music equipment manufactuers. I’ve had Freddie Lavell.  I had Jonathan Moffet, who was Micheal Jacksons drummer.   If you go to and scroll down you’ll see the whole list of shows.  I bring on a lot of people I know, and I try to help people connect with other players.

That’s awesome.

Yeah, we even had the heavy metal guy Michael Angelo Batio.  We had John Christ from Danzig.  It’s fun! I get the chance to talk to all these people.  People who I admire, and just get to shoot the breeze with them.


Tune into Radio Bandiego on April 19th at 4pm to hear The International Hustlers performing live.  Featuring their signature modern vintage sound, The International Hustlers are quickly rising in the San Diego music scene.




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