Professional Experience


Playing music was not only my dream, it became my career. I am very lucky to have been able to support myself doing what I love.  My guitar has carried me over the seas and skies, to far away lands and places I could have never dreamed of when I first picked up ‘the starvation box’.   That doesn’t mean it was always easy, and there wasn’t some lean times in the beginning.

Learning scales and chords is very different from learning the business of music.  As the great Hammond B3 organist Hank Marr once said in a lecture, ‘Time is everything.  You have to be ON time and play IN time.’  I’ll never forget that, and it is a cornerstone of my professional musical career.

I have been very lucky to be able to perform at many diverse locations throughout my career.  So of the more noteworthy locations include the Kennedy Center for the Arts, The Montreaux Jazz Festival, The Birmingham Alabama Jazz Festival, The US Embassy in Peru, and many others.  However, there have been thousands of gigs that go unnoticed that have been great too.  Countless bars on the Ohio State University campus, the matinee shows onboard The Original Love Boat, and even gigs in US Maximum Security Prisons with STAA Revue.   Each one has been memorable in it’s own way.

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